RenovoVita Virg-N Youth Activation Serum cellular renewal

Youthful Vibrant Glowing Skin Can Be Yours with RenovoVita

Especially during these colder winter months, no matter where you live, skin tends to be more dry than usual and as it is exposed to chillier winds even more so. Dry skin leads to rough texture, fine lines, and over time the more chance of aging and wrinkles. Especially here in Arizona where RenovoVita is located the dry dessert air can wreak havoc on skin leaving us drinking over a gallon of water daily, eating healthy fats, and lotioning up to try and renew and rehydrate locking in any moisture we can but with such low humidity it’s a game that is tough to win without the right nourishment.

Treating your skin to a high-quality product that is full of the nutrients it needs so desperately to regain that healthy balance is important. Virg-N from RenovoVita is your first line of protection against the elements no matter how harsh the environment.

No matter what your skin type or age Virg-N keeps and restores skin to full hydration sinking layers deep into the skin for all day staying power. It even acts as a repair serum at night. It eliminates the need for other lotions and even undereye creams.

This wonderful light weight serum has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help combat skin issues and breakouts. It increases firmness and encourages tightening ridding your skin of lines and wrinkles, instead infusing it with collagen and renewed elasticity.

Virg-N Youth Activation Serum is a proprietary formulation that lives up to its promise. It is a power pack of naturally sourced ingredients including: Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Marula Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Shea Butter, LipoWheat Ceramides, Okra Extract, Yellow Melon Extract, Red Grape Stem Cells, Pracaxi Oil, Senonian Trace Minerals, and Grapefruit extract.

Light enough to wear all day and strong enough for just one single application.

Face the world feeling renewed. Reactivate your skins youthfulness with Virg-N Youth Activation Serum.

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