Virg-N Renovovita Youth Serum anti aging cellular regeneration

Virg-N Youth Serum Helps Makeup Go on Smoothly for Flawless Coverage

It’s getting to be that time of year when the air begins to cool, and the dewy summer moisture starts to fade from the air. Fall is a wonderful time of year. You get to break out your snuggly clothes and drink pumpkin flavored – well, everything, but It’s also the time that your skin may begin to feel more dry than usual.

This dryness can make your skin feel tight, even itchy. It can also become an issue when putting on makeup. Blends that normally glide over your skin giving you wonderful even coverage may sink deeper into the skin, clump, and not go on right. This often leaves you adding more and more makeup which can lead to an unnatural look that you really weren’t going for.

I discovered an interesting trick this morning and I couldn’t wait to write this blog and let you all in on it.

I have been using Virg-N with great success for quite a while now and am thrilled with the results on my face with diminished lines, less redness, and a better overall glowing appearance but I usually will wash my face first thing in the morning, pat dry, and apply Virg-N. I then eat breakfast and get ready for the day.

This morning I was in a hurry. Right after my application of the youth serum, I applied my foundation. To my surprise it made my make up feel and apply completely differently and I had to use less of it! As I squirted the usual small dollop onto my finger and smeared it on my face it spread and covered very evenly and looked better than it did even in the store when the makeup associate sold me on it. I was impressed then, but this was astounding.

Looking at myself in the mirror I felt truly beautiful.

My skin looked flawless as if it had been photoshopped!

I was excited and happy with RenovoVita’s Virg-N Youth Serum before, but this is literally the icing on the cake. If you are looking for show stopping skin, hydration, for fine lines to decrease, for your skin to look and feel younger, and for your make up to truly do its job and enhance your natural beauty… You need to try Virg-N.

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