Bacopa Monnieri Renovovita Zero-N

Part 4 of the Ingredient series by RenovoVita: Bacopa Monnieri


When it comes to choosing vitamins and supplements there are so many brands and labels on the market it can be confusing to know what’s what and who to trust. Nutrition is a complex and in-depth subject.

That is why we chose to keep our product line small and focused with top quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients that give you the most benefit. We wanted RenovoVita to truly live up to its name “renewal of life”.

Today we wanted to continue our Ingredient series with Bacopa Monnieri. This isn’t one of the more mainstream widely known ingredients. It is, however, a very powerful one that we are proud to include.

What is Bacopa Monnieri?

Bacopa Monnieri is a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plant. It grows in tropical landscapes and thrives underwater. Because of this it is sometimes also used in aquariums. You may know it by one of its other names as well. It is often referred to as the herb of grace, water hyssop, brahmi, and thyme-leaved gratiola.

According to Ayurveda medicine this plant helps with memory improvement, anxiety reduction, and stress reduction.

Its other healing properties include:

AntioxidantsAntioxidants protect the body against cellular damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants can help protect against neurogenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

Inflammation Reduction inflammation is your body’s natural response to help fight off disease and heal you. Chronic inflammation has been linked to conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney disease. Bacopa Monnieri has shown strong in studies on inflammation reduction.

Brain Function Boostresearch has proven that Bacopa Monnieri boost brain cell function.  This helps with spatial learning and the ability to retain information. It can help nerve cells (dendrites) in the brain increase length and branching. Memory, attention span, processing of visual information, all showed major increases with use.

ADHD Symptom Reductionresearch has shown that Bacopa monnieri may help reduce ADHD symptoms. It has been shown to improve attention, cognition, and impulse control.

Anxiety and Stress – Its is an adaptogenic herb.  It increased the body’s resistance to stress. Recent studies show that its results are comparable to lorazepam (a benzodiazepine) used to treat anxiety.

Lowering of Blood Pressure – Bacopa Monnieri may help lower blood pressure in those with hypertension.

Anti-Cancer – Research suggests that the high antioxidant level and the compound bacoside in Bacopa Monnieri may hold anti-tumorigenic properties.

It is because of these amazing health benefits we chose to include it in the formulation of Zero-N Brain Health Formula. This is a premium nootropic which can help you regain concentration, feel like you are in the zone, and get you back on track.

Are you ready to Zero-N?

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