Bizarre anti aging treatments

A Good Look at Some of the Most Bizarre Anti-Aging Treatments from Days Gone By

For centuries humans have prized beauty and youth as something to be treasured, admired, and sought after. Lotions, potions, creams, diets, and much more has been flooding the market in attempts to stop or slow the aging process while raking money in hand over fist whether products worked or not.

What they have really been selling has been hope.

It has amazed us at just how far people are willing to attempt to go in order to halt the aging process. In our research we uncovered some pretty weird and wild stuff. We thought we would share.

Here are the top 11 weirdest anti-aging treatments that have claimed to work over the years.

Topping our weirdest list is Urine Therapy. Yes, we said it. Urine.
According to the sources at using your own morning urine for a facial can provide nutrients your body is flushing out. They claim it can heal your skin.

Breast Milk Facials – Assuming you have a source for this it is claimed to heal acne and help rid your skin of wrinkles.

Semen Facials – Semen contains Vitamins B, C, and E along with other vital nutrients for skin. Salons can charge up to $250 a pop, but really ladies, I am pretty sure you could do the at home version for free.

Freezing Yourself (Cryogenic chambers) – sub 200-degree tanks for up to 5 minutes are said to help with a wide range of ailments from pain to inflammation and even help with aging.

Sensory Deprivation Tanks and Meditation – relaxation can help release facial tension. Done over time yes it may help you look younger.

Bee says it has anti inflammatory properties that temporarily firm skin giving it a more youthful appearance.

Sheep Placenta Facials – These are apparently offered at some spas for just under $100. A youthful glow that can last up to 30 days is what is claimed. We can’t get past the idea personally.

Blood Facial (The Vampire Lift) – Countess Elizabeth Báthory agreed. She murdered countless young women to obtain their blood to bathe in in order to soak in their youth. These days blood is donated, but still.

The Solid Gold Facial – At $1500 a pop your face can be coated in gold. It has been touted to keep wrinkles at bay.  

Snail Facials – the mucus secreted by snails is applied to the face. It is said to have a potent ingredient which helps stave off wrinkles.

Fire – Yes, as insane as this sounds people are coating their skin with a light layer of 99% alcohol and setting themselves on fire. It’s said to burn off all dead skin. Please do not try this at home or anywhere else.

All of this is pretty nuts, right?
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