RenovoVita - Origin Story

Origin Story

We were tied up in a cove at Cooper Island, a small piece of rock in the British Virgin Islands. The archipelago had been devastated by Hurricane Irma, and we were there to help. While surveying the damage, we climbed to one of the highest points on Cooper.

It’s there we spotted it. A hermit crab had been swept up by the storm and deposited at the top of this craggy outcropping. Now months later, it was still surviving even though the closest water was a hundred feet down. It was one of those striking moments where we observed life adapting to its environment. In many ways, it was the same resiliency and will to survive that the beleaguered Islanders were exhibiting everyday.

That display of life-force inspired us to create a company that reflects the same grit and resolve in every facet of our business. A company striving to assist the renewal of life. RenovoVita is that company.

Back on the boat we began brainstorming about what would make the most difference in people’s lives, right now. It became clear, cell regeneration was the answer. Ten years ago Eddie had interviewed doctors about the rapid advances scientists were making in the field of cell renewal. Nucleotides, certain nanonutrients that feed energy to our cell’s DNA, were the key. And hardly anybody had heard of them. Brent said it has to be something cutting edge, something consumers can’t get. This was it. The science was back and the results are jaw-dropping.

Linda is our medical expert and back on dry land she dove into the details. NMN was the nucleotide getting astonishing results in Harvard labs. It was slowing, even stopping the effects of aging. But it was notoriously hard to find in pharmaceutical grade. A world-wide search was launched and we found it.

This was the future coming at us fast. We drew up plans for three products that utilized cell regeneration nucleotides. One for the body, one for the mind and one for the skin. Linda began carefully formulating. Brent built the support team and drew up the framework for distribution. Eddie designed the brand, consumer experience and social media outreach. We worked with the urgency of a ticking time bomb because we knew this could be the launch of a cultural explosion.

And there had to be a personal development component as well. If we’ll soon be increasing our quality of life and life-expectancy to an age that only a few years ago, seemed impossible, a key component will be the ability to adapt and plan mentally for this coming era.

RenovoVita is real.

Life-force has an insatiable desire to adapt, sustain and survive.
The beginning of the renewal era is upon us now.

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