RenovoVita - Who We Are

3 Founders with Vision, Heart and Efficiency.

2 Decades together imparting expertise in Medicine, Marketing and Media.

1 Goal to make your Body Healthier, Think Better and Live Your Best Life.

Brent Payne

Force of Nature

Start writing a history of two enormous industries and you’ll keep finding one name. Brent Payne. In both the $12 billion dollar personal development industry and the $44 billion dollar direct sales industry, Brent features prominently. He led a revolution that started on his back porch and quickly grew to the most imitated and influential big-ticket company to date.

Almost overnight, it became a melting pot for dreamers and doers, celebrated for its diverse and inclusive worldwide community, lucrative compensation and outrageously fun and adventurous events. Well before side hustles were a thing, corporate culture was due for a new millennium make-over. Brent was one of the first to envision how working from home with enhanced time freedom would become a new framework for a liberated work force.

When they say Brent is a total rock star it’s actually a literal description. He spent years touring the world with the band and using the opportunity to make lifelong friends with people from different countries and cultures. It was in the high mountains of Katmandu that it finally hit home. “Despite the differences in language, customs and opportunity, we are all so universal in our deepest desires and goals,” he says. That realization has informed every one of Brent’s ventures since that time.

At their core, each of his creative endeavors have sought to bring us together, grounded in the deep belief of our own untapped power. Brent’s multimedia personal development program Beyond Freedom, jump started the self-help industry with record worldwide sales, and its follow-ups, Elevate and the online platform VIM have opened new horizons and enhanced the lives for hundreds of thousands more worldwide.

Now comes Renovo Vita, where Brent is again breaking new ground. While harnessing the latest scientific breakthroughs in cell regeneration, he’s helped design a process that uses our brains and our bodies to simultaneously support a rejuvenation and mind expansion designed to make us refreshed and healthier for a longer happier life. After all, that’s a pretty universal desire too.

Linda Baer

Medical Marvel

When it comes to what’s good for us, Linda Baer has spent a lifetime discovering the secrets. The medical profession was always a passion and Linda activated her early career as a major player in a prominent pharmaceutical firm. Her wholistic approach turned heads in a $636 billion dollar industry that until then, was reluctant to embrace the concept of natural healing.

Linda has an irresistible way of winning people over with her heart and passion but she backs it up with precision 4d thinking. Taking on a project, she examines it from all sides with an eye for evaluation that ensures it is safe and sound. In a health care industry where nothing can be overlooked, she is legendary for her thorough preparation and delivery.

Even as she rose up the corporate ladder, Linda was attaining on-the-job training for her eventual landing spot. A natural entrepreneur, Linda spotted a big opportunity by training doctors on the latest technology and medical advances and she made the leap.

Her own bootstrapped business quickly rose to the top of the $31 billion dollar medical education industry. With over 6000 seminars each year, there is a good chance your own doctor has been trained by Linda’s company.

As a self-made millionaire, Linda looks back noting that “it’s always about creating great teams. You can’t always do it alone. But I was great at assembling people with perfectly matched skill-sets, and that becomes so dynamic.”

With RenovoVita, Linda is utilizing her insight in cutting-edge medical technology and again assembling an all-star team for the perfect production and delivery system. It allows you and I to bypass the gatekeepers and profit mongers of the medical establishment and provide the opportunity for everyone to have affordable access to these life-changing cell regeneration discoveries.

Eddie Asiano

Master of the Mediums

There are so many ways now to get our information. With everyone distributing opinions and making claims on multiple formats it’s hard to know what to believe. Eddie has made a career of letting the truth shine through.

As an Emmy-Award winning television producer and documentary film director, Eddie has spoken eye to eye with models and moguls, U.S. Presidents and death-row prisoners, celebrities and scientists and his BS detector has become pretty darn good.

After enlightening stints producing and developing well-known entertainment magazine, talk show, news magazine and reality programming for network, cable and syndication, Eddie was one of the first to embrace the internet as a way to distribute targeted and independent content. Businesses, charities and celebrities sought his expertise in raising awareness, their profiles and creating impactful marketing and creative story-telling.

As a result, Eddie and his production company became the go-to guys for discovering and promoting unknowns into big names, helping grow niche businesses into nine-figure behemoths, co-written best-selling books, and producing signature live events around the world.

“Real insight comes from our shared emotions,” he says. “There's one commonality I see driving people to step up and truly distinguish themselves—and that’s making a difference.”

Now Eddie’s own passion for making a difference is focused on RenovoVita where he sees the mind-blowing advances in cell regeneration technology, leading to less disease and misery, more productivity, the ability to extend expertise and a chance to fully enjoy the prosperity that many work their lives to achieve. “We’re on the brink of discoveries that will make the world a much better place and we want to make sure everyone has equal access to those advantages.”

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