RenovoVita - Our Story

Cell Regeneration is changing everything.

Renewal of Life is beginning a new phase in human history.

RenovoVita is helping to write that story.

Our Story

The scientists helping to formulate our products are onto something BIG. And they know it.

It’s big picture. Move the focus from treating each disease as it occurs. Instead the healing is directed to the source—cells. By activating our body’s natural ability to keep cells youthful and healthy, we can reduce or prevent the breakdown that leads to disease and aging. Recent research studies are revealing actual reversal of age-related conditions.

Life-force has an insatiable desire to adapt, sustain and survive.

Modern science and medicine now understand the ramifications that cell regeneration and gene therapy mean for lengthening robust living, known as the HealthSpan. Cellular health leads to eradicating age-related disease, including heart disease and cancer and giving us immunity from virus infections.

Harvard Geneticist Dr. George Church who recently appeared on 60 Minutes, predicts human aging could be reversed by 2030.

“As we age, genes that promote youthful functions shut off. We’re not changing the genes, but rather focusing on turning youth-boosting genes back on. We think we’ll be able to help people who are already quite old and show signs of decline. We’re also looking at extending absolute lifespan.”

At RenovoVita we not only utilize the latest cutting-edge technology for formulating our products, we are the only company creating a comprehensive whole-body plan for life renewal.

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