The lower levels of NAD+ can lead to a decline in metabolism and increase the risk of various metabolic disorders such as diabetes and fatty liver. We reveal the best way to replenish NAD+ in the body

The Advantage of an NMN-Based Supplement vs NR – A Focus on Antiaging

Both the NR (nicotinamide riboside) and the NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) are commonly used supplements to treat the signs of aging.

NMN and NR are both precursors to NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). This means NR and NMN when introduced into the body are converted into NAD+.

NAD+ is a very important molecule that has multiple effects on our cells. It helps in the proper functioning of certain enzymes as well as helping to repair damaged DNA. It also assists in regulating the epigenome and protecting our DNA.

The older we get, the more the NAD+ levels in our cells decline. Low levels of NAD+ are associated with aging – wrinkles, lines, feeling less energetic, and even the onset of disease.

The lower levels of NAD+ can lead to a decline in metabolism and increase the risk of various metabolic disorders such as diabetes and fatty liver. It may also have the following unwanted effects on the body:

  • Aging-related cognitive decline
  • Aging-related eyesight and hearing loss
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced blood vessel health

Taking NR and NMN can help increase NAD+ levels. Higher NAD+ levels help our bodies on a cellular level by protecting our DNA.

The increasing levels of the natural compound known as NAD+ can help improve the health of various organs, such as the brain and cardiovascular system. NR and NMN increase NAD+ levels, because of this they are often referred to as NAD boosters.

Studies have shown that increasing the levels of natural compounds NR and NMN can help improve various aging-related processes.

The Big Question When Supplement Shopping – Do I choose one with NR or NMN?

Although there are no studies comparing the effects of both natural compounds on lifespan and health, many experts believe that NMN is better than NR. They cite various reasons as to why they have taken this stance.

NMN – One step ahead

The pathway that leads to the transition into NAD+ works as follows:

NR is converted into NMN, and then NMN is used to build NAD+.

This is why they say that NMN is “one step further” down the NAD+ pathway. NR first needs to be phosphorylated to create NMN, which then is built into NAD+.

NAD+ is the molecule that enables the reparation of DNA damage. This DNA repair is what leads to the visible antiaging results.

Other Evidence

Compared to NR, the studies conducted with the use of NMN seem to have more impressive effects.

For instance, in 5-month old mice, those who were given NMN for a year showed improved lipid metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and vision. They also exhibited better bone density, metabolic functioning, and weight.

For eight weeks, older mice that were treated with NMN showed significant improvements in their vascular health. They also exhibited decreased arterial inflammation and reduced blood pressure. It even showed promise in restoring fertility.

In studies, NMN has been shown to increase exercise capacity by up to 80% and endurance by up to 90%. Metabolic disease has also shown greater results with NMN than NR.

These improvements were more typical in studies done on NMN than with NR.

It is interesting to note that NASA is currently conducting studies to see if NMN usage can help astronauts with muscle wasting when in space. The United States Special Forces is also interested due to the anti-aging capability for their soldiers.

Why not NR?

Most oral NR is broken down in the gut and liver into NAM (nicotinamide), a form of vitamin B3. So, if you take NR, you in fact are just taking an expensive form of Vitamin B3.

Many NR supplement sellers claim that NR increases NAD+ levels. And that’s true. Why?

Vitamin B3 is also a precursor to NAD+. If you take Vitamin B3 you do increase NAD+ levels. But this is not the best way or the most effective. It has been noted that NR increases NAD+ levels mainly found in the whole blood and not in the muscle or tissue where it is needed most.

Studies also indicate that NMN can help improve insulin resistance in humans. This effect is not seen with NR.

This all begs the question – Why not just take NAD+ if that is the ultimate goal of both NR and NMN?

The main issue is that NAD+ is large molecularly. Taken orally it gets broken down in the stomach by digestive enzymes. It’s too large to be properly absorbed by the cells of the gut. IV use has been tried but it causes very high spikes in the blood and can be too much of a good thing.

As for taking large levels of Vitamin B3 – Niacin supplements have associated unwanted effects such as flushing which can be quite uncomfortable, itchy, and heated, as well as increased glucose levels increasing the risk for type II diabetes over time.

NMN is the safest and most proven to get the healing and anti-aging results that are being sought out.

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